Saturday, November 1, 1997

The Real World 6: Boston

The Real World Boston cast lived in a converted historic firehouse, where their different backgrounds and relationships laid the foundation for all that happens. Unlike previous seasons, this cast spends a large amount of time with children in the first NSACA Pilot Accredited after school program in East Boston. How the cast deals with what starts out as a tedious job but turns into a rewarding experience is one of the season's major stories. The cast also travels to Puerto Rico for the first ever Real World/Road Rules Challenge. But there's plenty of Boston-based drama, including a forbidden romance between Syrus and a mother from the program, Genesis' relationship with a drag queen, and Montanta getting fired after allowing the kids to drink wine.


  • THENPhotobucketNOWElka Walker
    Elka Lee Walker: February 2, 1978(Brownsville, Texas)
    Biography '97: A 19-year-old Mexican American beauty from Brownsville, Texas, Elka grew up speaking Spanish before English, and the town she grew up in is 90 percent Hispanic. She was raised with strong, strict Catholic values. Having grown up in what she calls a "privileged" home, Elka admits she has been sheltered for most of her life. However, she has struggled with many real issues during her 19 years. Only weeks before learning she was cast as one of the final seven for The Real World, Elka lost her mother to a long bout with cancer.
    Season Highlights: After her oath with her father, Elka dicides to go against his rules and decides to get her eyebrow perferated and starts smoking, but still abstains her promise to stay celebate until she marries.
    Challenges: Battle of the Seasons, The Gauntlet
    Now: Elka now resides in Santa Monica, California
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    Genesis Moss: April 19, 1976 (Gulfport, Mississippi)
    Biography '97: From Gulfport, Mississippi, 20-year-old Genesis initially appears to be a genuine Southern Belle: beautiful and polite, with a charming Southern drawl. In reality, Genesis has no problem telling people exactly how it is. "When I open my mouth, most people are shocked to know that I speak my mind clearly, don't take any sh--, and I am very much a liberal," she says. Genesis is very open about her sexuality; she knew from a very young age that she was gay. Up until she moved in with her new housemates in Boston, she lived with her girlfriend Tammy.
    Challenges: Battle of the Sexes, Battle of the Sexes 2
    Now: As of 2003, she lives in Orlando, Florida. In 2004 she married her new wife, Beth Shaw, and is working as a yoga instructor
    Spouse: Beth Shaw (2004-Present)
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    Jason Todd Cornwell: July 10, 1971 (Russellville, Arkansas)
    Biography '97: "The way I express myself is through my writing. It is my outlet," says Jason, a 24-year-old poet and spoken word artist from Boulder, Colorado. Jason says emotion plays a large role in his art and he tries to incorporate philosophy into his work. He graduated from Hendrix College as a psychology major and wants to teach film and cinema on the college level. Asked to describe his most difficult trait, he says, "It would be my moodiness. Although I think that most people are moody, I choose not to cover any of mine up with fake happiness or drama."
    Challenges: Challenge '99
    Spouse: Nancy Kaufman (November 4, 2005 - present) 1 child
    Notes: Was in the 2000 film "The Private Public (2000)" with Glen Naessens from the Los Angeles cast of "The Real World"
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    Kameelah Anjail Phillips: September 20, 1977 (San Diego, California)
    Biography '97: As a 19-year-old African-American sophomore at Stanford University, Kameelah shouldn't have anything to prove to the world. A strong-willed and opinionated young woman, Kameelah grew up in San Diego and is currently studying human biology with a focus on women's health issues. Kameelah has a firm sense of self and is not afraid to tell you what she thinks. She admits she likes guys who "know when to kiss her ass."
    Season Highlights: When a young girl at the daycare center tells Kameelah that she hates gay people, Kameelah tells the child that homosexuality is acceptable, and that homophobia and bigotry are not. Later, the daycare program's staff calls a meeting and tells Kameelah that it is not appropriate for her to discuss the topic with the children.
    Challenges: Extreme Challenge
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    Montana McGlynn: April 13, 1975 (Manhattan, New York)
    Biography '97: Named after a character in a Kurt Vonnegut novel, 21-year-old Montana is a unique individual. Moving to Boston from Manhattan, Montana claims she will have trouble leaving the city. This budding paleontologist-archaeologist most recently worked in the dinosaur wing of the Natural History Museum and holds very strong views on feminism, sexuality and religion. "Christianity is the single worst thing that has happened to women. I believe in Darwin not God. Science is my religion," she claims. Montana is fond of science and is a proud feminist.
    Season Highlights: As she is committed to her boyfriend Vaj, but he later discovers she is seeing other men while in Boston. He texts her to say he is dumping her and she needs to get her things out of their apartment or he will throw her stuff in the street. Montana is shocked, but everyone else in the house saw it coming.
    Challenges: Challenge, The Gauntlet, The Gauntlet 2
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    Sean Duffy: October 3, 1971 (Hayward, Wisconsin)
    Biography '97: Who would have thought that a true lumberjack would move to Boston to live with six strangers? Sean is a typical Midwestern boy from Hayward, Wisconsin who just happens to be a lumberjack Sports World Champion. At age 25, he has toured all over the U.S. and Canada as well as parts of Europe in various lumberjack exhibitions. Sean was brought up in a strict Irish-Catholic family, the second youngest of 11 children.
    Challenges: Road Rules: All Stars, Battle of the Seasons
    Now: Duffy is married to Rachel Campos-Duffy of The Real World: San Francisco. The two of them met while on the spinoff show Road Rules: All Stars. They have five children, Evita, Jack, Lucia-Belen, John-Paul, and Paloma. He announced on July 8, 2009 that he is running for Congress in Wisconsin's seventh congressional district whose incumbent congressmen is Democrat Rep. Dave Obey. He now Lives in Ashland, Wisconsin with his family and is the District Attorney there. His wife, Rachel Campos-Duffy, is expecting their sixth child [October 12, 2009].
    Spouse: Rachel Campos-Duffy (April 4, 1999 - present) 5 children
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    Syrus Levonne Yarbrough : September 12, 1971 (Santa Monica, California)
    Biography '97: At the age of 25, Syrus, who hails from Santa Monica, California, is a man in pursuit of happiness. He attended the University of Hawaii on a basketball scholarship, majored in communications and coached youth basketball. When asked about his personal goals, Syrus says that he wants to be known as a good person and--more importantly--to be loved by many. Syrus is named after the Egyptian god Osiris, and is an African-American.
    Season Highlights: Syrus gets in trouble for dating a mother of one of the kids. The director tells Syrus to cease this immediately. Syrus acknowledges this, but keeps dating the mother a little while longer.
    Now: After the show, he went on to star in more than one season of the spin-off, Real World/Road Rules Challenge and did video game work that appeared in an edition of the basketball game series March Madness. On July 2007 he appeared as one of the "reality stars" on the "Girls Gone Wild -- Wild World" late-night infomercials.
    Challenges: Extreme Challenge, Battle of the Sexes, The Inferno, The Gauntlet 2, The Ruins
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    Episode 1: 'All Behold Boston'

    The cast arrives in Boston to begin another exciting season of The Real World. This hour-long episode shows the cast moving in, getting to know each other and learning their way around Boston. All seven of the cast members have very different personalities which make for some interesting conflicts. Jason and Genesis immediately bond and want to room together, along with Syrus. Elka and Montana decide to room together and Kameelah and Sean are the two left in the cold. The extremely religious beliefs held by Catholic Elka cause some issues with other cast members, and it makes Genesis wonder if she should even tell Elka that she is a lesbian. Elka has a boyfriend who lives in London, while Montana has left her boyfriend, Vaj back in New York. The group ends the night by going to dinner and then a club. Despite their differences, they all appear to be getting along just fine for now.

    Episode 2: 'Roommate Rumblings'

    The cast is getting used to their new environment and begins to go out more. Syrus begins pimpin’ it and brings home two or three different girls each time he goes out. The cast begins to have a problem with this, namely Kameelah. She has issues when black men date women outside of their race. The group sits down and chats about having guests at the house. They agree it’s cool to have people over, but they should hang out downstairs so they don’t disturb people who are sleeping. There is also lots of discussion about Genesis’ sexuality. She begins to crave homosexual friends and starts to wonder whether or not she could have a heterosexual relationship.

    Episode 3: 'These Are My Confessions'

    Tensions rise as the group begins work at an after-school program for kids. The group begins to tell each other secrets about their past. Genesis admits to having a bad childhood and Syrus admits he has been accused of rape before. This initiates an heavy conversation about rape in which Montana and Syrus disagree. As the group tries to find the bus to take them home, they get lost. Kameelah and Sean fight and he calls her a bitch. The two finish their argument once they get home, but they both are beginning to realize that they are two different people.


    Episode 4: 'Not That Innocent'

    Elka’s innocence is the focus of this episode. The anniversary of her mother’s death has arrived and she is less and less enthusiastic as the days go on. The group decides to go out and get drunk while Elka stays home. To cheer her up and to “break her shell,” they all jump on her, get naked and dance with pool cues on the pool table. Meanwhile, Genesis is extremely annoyed with the other cast members and feels “out of her element” because she has no other gay friends surrounding her. She tries to fix this by chatting on a website for transsexuals. She also feels better when she finds a gay bookstore. Jason, Elka and Montana create the English/Scottish band “Scotch Tape” and take pictures goofing off as “band members.”

    Episode 5: 'Down With Love'

    Is love in the air? Kameelah has a list of over 200 requirements that a man must meet to be her boyfriend. Her list includes things such as “must have a name with more than one syllable” or “must be able to dance.” So when she goes out with Aaron, she uses this list to see if he lives up to her standards. He definitely does not. He asks her out again and she begrudgingly says yes. There is obvious chemistry between Montana and Sean, but all that dwindles when Montana’s boyfriend Vaj comes to visit. Once he arrives, everything falls back into place for them and she realizes how much it hurts when he is not physically present in her life. But after Vaj leaves Boston, Montana says, even though what they have is special, she needs this time apart from him. He agrees not to call her for a while

    Episode 6: 'Timberrrr!!'

    Tensions build as Jason’s girlfriend Timber visits the house. He is unsure of where this visit will take them. Their first few days are wonderful, and the roommates can even hear their “joy” by listening to them have sex in the shower. But when they go to a bar with Syrus, Timber accuses Jason of being jealous of Syrus and his women and that’s where their problems begin. After a night of screaming and yelling, Timber leaves and the two decide to split so Jason can be on his own for a bit. Meanwhile, Syrus and Sean get into many conversations about racism. They both discuss their views openly and honestly.

    Episode 7: 'Stepping Out'

    Montana and Vaj agreed that they could see other people while she was away in Boston, but neither thought it would actually happen. Montana feels guilty when she meets a man named Matt and begins to fall for him. Genesis finally comes out of her shell when she, Kameelah and Sean go to a gay bar. Genesis makes a new friend named Adam, who is also known as Eve when he’s dressed in drag. While at the bar, Genesis begins dancing with another woman and kisses her. This freaks her out because she doesn't want Tammy, her longtime girlfriend, to be upset. Genesis and Tammy end up breaking up because of the strain of having a relationship with so many issues is a problem.

    Episode 8: 'Syrus Plays by his Own rules, part 1’

    Syrus meets Louetta, a mother of a child at the after-school program. Tensions rise towards Syrus, as Kameelah does not believe he should be dating anyone from work and Montana doesn’t feel that Syrus is taking the job seriously. Montana asks Anthony if there is a policy about dating parents and Anthony says it is prohibited. While they might not agree with what Syrus is doing, the roommates feel it is definitely not Montana’s business to tell Anthony about Syrus. The roommates do mostly agree that if Syrus gets fired from the after-school program, he should be kicked out of the loft.

    Episode 9: ‘Syrus Plays by his Own Rules, part 2’

    Tension continues between Syrus and Montana over late-night phone calls and the constant stream of guests Syrus brings through the loft. Kameelah finds Ed, a friend of Syrus', making out with a girl in their bathroom. Syrus says he hates all the women in the loft except Genesis. Genesis, however, is dealing with her own issues. She feels like she doesn’t have anything to offer the after-school program kids and is disconnected because she is gay. Kameelah and Genesis have a discussion with a girl from the program about gay people and what she thinks of them. Anthony has difficulty understanding why Genesis is having such a hard time at the program, but has no problem dealing with Syrus’ situation. He delivers an ultimatum to Syrus: If he continues to see Louetta he can’t work at the center. Syrus agrees to end the relationship but continues to see her anyway

    Episode 10: ‘"Adam/Eve and the Book of Genesis"’

    Genesis talks about her love for drag queens and her growing affection for Adam when he performs as Eve at a local drag show. She tells Adam she loves him and gets angry when he talks to another guy. Kameelah doesn’t understand how Genesis can fall for a drag queen when he is really a man. Genesis argues that maybe she is bisexual. Adam says that he loves Genesis but he thinks she just wants him so that she can have "someone." He tells her that she needs to start putting herself first and truly act on how she feels. Kameelah is dealing with issues of the heart as well. She is dating Doug on a regular basis, going to dinner and attending his step show performance. But Doug has a daughter and she doesn’t date men with children. But when she sees how Doug acts around his daughter, Kameelah thinks that he is worth it and decides to try to make it work. Meanwhile, Sean gets a bad case of hives and ends up going to the hospital for treatment.

    Episode 11: 'Valentine's Day'

    Montana plans on seeing Matt for Valentine’s Day, since Vaj is busy working in New York. She thinks Vaj shouldn’t care since they gave each other permission to see other people. Sean and Kameelah think Montana could hurt Vaj’s feelings by seeing someone else on Valentine’s Day. Montana yells at Vaj, telling him he could have come to Boston but it's too late now since she has plans. Even after the argument, Montana spends Valentine’s Day with Matt. Afterwards, Matt tells Montana he will miss her while Vaj is in town. When Vaj arrives, Montana is not overly excited to see him. Vaj wonders what’s wrong, since she claimed she couldn’t wait for him to arrive, and now that he is there, she wants him to go. Montana seems torn between the two men. Vaj leaves Boston unhappy about the trip and his future with Montana. Meanwhile, Elka is getting frustrated with her long-distance relationship with Walter. She wants him to visit but he keeps putting it off. Elka offers to have her dad pay for half of the trip but Walter refuses. Adam tells Elka that dating a musician is difficult and she will have to expect to take a backseat to his music career. But Walter surprises Elka when he tells her that he has enough money for the trip and won’t need her dad’s help.

    Episode 12: 'Puerto Rico'

    Anthony sends the roommates on assignment to Puerto Rico, where they will set up a computer and pen pal program at a Boys and Girls Club. All the roommates are excited to go except Elka, who was hoping for a trip to Europe. The roommates talk to the after-school program children about Puerto Rico and take their photos for the pen pal program. When they arrive in San Juan, they meet Jan, who runs the Galleria where they are staying. The roommates meet some of the Puerto Rican children at the Boys and Girls Club and attempt to set up the computer pen pal software. Montana has her own setting up to do, however, when she meets Rafael and decides to go out on a date with him--with Elka as her chaperone. They end up leaving Elka and head out to the beach for a midnight swim. Later, Montana tells Sean and Jason that when she was little she tried to contact her real father, but her letter was returned unopened with a note that said not to contact him. The roommates spend a day of fun and sun at Palomino Island. Some got more sun than others--Montana flashes Sean and his video camera. On their last night in Puerto Rico, they have dinner with Jan and have a good discussion about affirmative action. Genesis feels uncomfortable talking with the roommates, so she retreats from the group. Jan suggests that everyone should just relax and be themselves.

    Episode 13: 'Betrayals in Boston'

    Timber moves to Boston, crowding Jason, who isn’t sure that he wants her there. Jason is angry that Timber lied about her drug use and that she stayed with another guy while they were apart. Timber attempts to win Jason back, but he wants to be left alone. Jason ends up forgiving Timber, but only after he goes to a party and ends up kissing another girl. Meanwhile, Montana’s dual relationships with Matt and Vaj are coming to a head. Montana really likes Matt but decides to stay with Vaj. She dumps Matt, but then Vaj, jealous of her other relationship, dumps Montana. The roommates listen as Montana defends herself against Vaj’s accusations. The roommates side with Vaj, saying Montana is the one at fault. Montana goes to New York to patch things up with Vaj, who wants to bury the past and concentrate on their future together.

    Episode 14: 'Elka Erupts'

    Elka’s dad and brother arrive in Boston for a visit. Her Dad is worried and doesn’t approve of Elka’s new ideas about the world, especially having her eyebrow pierced, hanging out with Genesis at gay bars, or her continued desire to be with Walter. Meanwhile, Kameelah continues hanging out with Doug. But she suspects he is seeing another woman. They argue and she hangs up on him. Later they apologize and end up in Kameelah’s room while Elka and Sean listen. Elka thinks Kameelah had sex with Doug and confronts Kameelah at the after-school program. The roommates are sent home because of their behavior and the next day, Anthony tells them that “melodramatic outbursts” can’t happen when they are at work. He suspends Elka and Sean for two days, but more serious action will occur if it happens again. Anthony tells Kameelah that she is the only roommate that is taking her volunteer job seriously. Kameelah wonders why there is a backlash against her. Montana thinks Kameelah is hypocritical.

    Episode 15: 'Communication'

    The loft is a mess. Sean, Syrus and Montana decide to clean the house and keep it that way. The roommates attend an after-school program ski trip, where Anthony assigns them to watch the kids. Sean and Jason skip out on the kids and ski on their own. Anthony is disappointed in Sean’s behavior. Sean confronts Genesis, feeling that she ignores him and only talks to him after he talks to her. Genesis says that it is her decision not to talk to him. Sean argues that if she won’t talk to him, he won’t talk to her. Jason thinks that lines are being drawn in the house--Jason, Genesis and Kameelah versus Sean, Syrus and Montana, with Elka stuck in the middle. Genesis puts her thoughts on paper (known as “Genesisisms”) and hangs them in the house. Syrus rips the “Genesisisms” down, irritating Jason, Kameelah and Genesis. Meanwhile, Syrus, Sean and Montana wonder why Genesis suddenly has so much to say when she just got done telling them she has nothing to say. Syrus and Sean place Jason’s dirty dishes in his bed while he sleeps and make a poster citing him as “Pig of the Day.” Genesis retaliates with a sign of her own and yells at Sean over cleaning the loft.

    Episode 16: 'Mother'

    Elka misses her mom as Mother’s Day approaches and confides in Genesis, talking about her mom’s last night alive. Elka feels she has to take over her mother’s duties as well as return to Brownsville for a style show dedicated to her mom. Montana says if it makes Elka uncomfortable, she does not have to go. Elka says she has to return someday and it’s going to hurt anyway. Elka flies to Brownsville and attends the style show. She accepts an award for their family. Dad tells Elka he is going to be Mr. Mom and Elka shouldn’t worry about them. Elka visits her mom’s grave and then returns to Boston. Meanwhile, Genesis talks to her mom about their rocky past and her bad childhood. When they talk a second time, her mom tells Genesis she has not eaten in a week. Genesis thinks her Mom might be drinking again but her mom denies it and Genesis believes her. Later, however, Genesis’ brother TJ calls with news that their mom was taken to the hospital for mixing pills with alcohol. Genesis cries alone in her room. Elka finds Genesis and comforts her. Genesis reveals that she was suicidal when she was younger. There was never any food in the house and her mom wasn’t around. Genesis says that she doesn’t want any child to go through what she did and Elka agrees. Elka says she has to continue on as well, because her mom would have wanted her to carry on with her life.

    Episode 17: ‘Philadelphia; Walter Visits, part 1’

    Anthony surveys the after-school kids on how the Real Worlders are doing. The kids suggest that the roommates don’t listen to them and that they yell too much. Jason agrees with the comments but Montana takes it very personally. She wants to know how Anthony feels about their work. Anthony suggests that Montana is way too dramatic and is a busybody. Montana thinks she is being judged unfairly. Meanwhile, Sean and Jason grill Elka about Walter’s upcoming visit. Elka is excited but if the visit doesn’t go well, she thinks their relationship will probably end. During Parents' Night at the after-school program, Anthony announces that a group of the kids will attend a presidential summit in Philadelphia. Elka chooses not to attend because Walter is coming for his visit and Jason chooses to stay behind with her. Anthony tells the Real Worlders that they will each be assigned one child and there can be no alcohol during the event. In Philadelphia, the group attends the summit but Sean sleeps through President Clinton’s speech. Later that night, Sean and Syrus leave their kids and go out with the college crowd to a bar and a party. The next morning, Sean and Syrus are nowhere to be found and Anthony has the group leave for the day without them.

    Episode 18: ‘Philadelphia; Walter Visits, part II’

    Anthony wonders where Sean and Syrus were the night before but no one knows. Anthony feels that if they didn’t want to participate then they shouldn’t have come at all. At a rally where President Clinton spoke, Kameelah helps the kids meet LL Cool J, who was in attendance. Sean and Syrus show up during the rally and Anthony lets them know how disappointed he is. The gang moves on to the Taste of Philly, where Sean and Montana drink alcohol in front of the children. Meanwhile, Elka and Walter are hanging out and go to church. Jason expresses concern to Timber about who Walter is. Timber thinks if Walter flew all the way to Boston, he must be dedicated to Elka. Walter and Elka have an emotional departure at the airport. Upon arrival in Boston, Anthony suspends Sean, Montana and Syrus with no explanation. Anthony questions the three about the alcohol in Philly and clears Sean and Syrus but keeps Montana on suspension because she let the kids under her supervision also try alcohol. It becomes clear that Montana will be fired while Sean and Syrus can stay as long as they improve their performance. Montana feels bad about the situation but there is nothing she can do to change Anthony’s mind.


    Episode 19: 'Redemption'

    Montana is depressed about being fired from the after-school program and needs to redeem herself. She makes a series of phone calls, trying to set up volunteer work. She interviews at the Red Cross but declines the job because of her blood phobia. Meanwhile, Kameelah and the others wonder whether Montana should be allowed to live in the loft since she was fired. They remember that Montana wanted to throw Syrus out when he was going to be fired and wonder if she should get the same treatment.
    Kameelah decides to drop the issue while Sean and Syrus joke with Montana about getting kicked out. Montana goes on interviews and finally gets a volunteer job she likes at Shelter, Inc. In other news, Sean and Syrus get their acts together at the after-school program. Sean takes Syrus and Jason on a road trip to Maine to bring back a log so he can start a logrolling program for the kids. Syrus starts a basketball program.


    Episode 20: 'The Great Divide'

    As the gang heads to vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, it’s obvious that there are two camps. While Jason, Genesis and Kameelah hitchhike around the island, Sean, Syrus and Montana play in the house with Elka and have an old-time photo taken. Jason and Kameelah flirt heavily throughout the trip, including a "show me" session with Genesis where she sees a penis for the first time…Jason’s, of course. Meanwhile, tensions rise and boil over between Sean and Kameelah. Sean finds a nasty note written by Kameelah about Montana and him and calls her on it. Kameelah claims she accidentally left it out. Sean tells Jason that Kameelah is racist and compares her to Hitler. Calling him the "whitest of white boys," Kameelah feels Sean sees her only as a black person and not an individual. She is tired of representing black America for Sean and eventually has it out with him. Sean feels Kameelah has put a wall up around her and he can’t talk to her. Kameelah responds that she doesn’t want Sean in her life.


    Episode 21: 'The Final Countdown'

    The end is near and the roommates feel they haven’t done a good job at the After School Program. So they all join together to work at the center. Kameelah enlists the help of Elka and Genesis to paint the main room while Syrus continues his basketball program. Sean teaches Aldo how to fly a radio-controlled airplane and Jason gets the kids to start journals. Anthony also asks Elka to produce a play for the kids to perform on Parent’s Night. Meanwhile at Shelter Inc., Montana gets help from City Salon to give free haircuts to the women at the shelter. On the home front, tension flares again between Montana and Kameelah as well as Montana and Elka. Montana feels the friendship between Elka and Kameelah is false, but Elka doesn’t care for her opinion. Kameelah overhears Montana’s aggressive confessional about her and calls Montana on it. When Elka wants to know who called her a “Drama Queen from Brownsville,” Kameelah points to Montana, who develops a case of amnesia. Montana refuses to talk with Kameelah about the issue, telling Elka she wishes she never told her anything. Elka is offended, saying she thought they were friends. At the ASP, Parents' Night and Elka’s play are a huge success. Anthony brings the kids to the house for a surprise early morning song and visit, where the roommates wake up to “Put a Little Love in Your Heart.” Sean manages to gather all the roommates for a final dinner at Artu’s, where everything began six months ago. As their last day approaches, the cast cleans up their personal business. Montana and Elka call a truce and solidify their friendship while Genesis and Sean realize that they have just misunderstood each other the entire time. Jason and Kameelah assure Genesis she will be fine after she leaves Boston and that they will call her soon. The gang has a tearful goodbye with the kids at the ASP as well as goodbyes of their own at Logan International Airport.