Friday, October 27, 1995

The Real World 4: London

In 1995, The Real World headed abroad for the first time to London. Cast members hailed from the United States, Germany, Australia and England; their diverse backgrounds made for heated interaction in the house, as they all faced cultural differences, searched for romance and jobs and tried to adjust to living in a foreign city. As if that weren't enough, the roomies also took an eye-opening trip to Africa.

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    Kat Ogden: June 13, 1975 (Yelm, Washington)
    Biography '95: An anthropology major at NYU, 19-year-old Kat was born in Alaska and grew up outside of Tacoma, Washington. Kat was awarded an academic scholarship to NYU for her fencing ability and returns to the U.S. during her stay in London to participate in the Junior Olympics. Kat attends Richmond College on a semester abroad program while living in London.
    Trivia: Holds Guinness Record for longest bungee jump.
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    Neil Forrester: January 3, 1971 (Keynsham, England)
    Biography '95: Neil, a graduate of Oxford University's Wadham College, is taking time off from his Ph.D. studies in experimental psychology to play in London with his band. An advocate of body piercing, 24-year-old Neil describes his music as "noise." His tongue-in-cheek ultimate goal is "world domination of techno sleaze." For Neil, the toughest part of living in The Real World is the separation from his girlfriend Chrys and the prospect of sharing a room.
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    Jay Frank: December 7, 1975 (Portland, Oregon)
    Biography '95: Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Jay wrote a one-man show called Bedroomwhile he was a senior in high school. This play led to him being selected as a Presidential Scholar in recognition of his abilities as a playwright. This 19-year-old has decided to move to London to check out the theater scene. While taking part in The Real World, Jay hopes to write his next play and continue his education in a drama school. Back home, he is very close to his family and girlfriend and very involved in his high school.
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    Mike Johnson: July 17, 1973 (St. Louis, Missouri)
    Biography '95: Twenty-one-year-old Mike is a dedicated racecar driver who has been earning his stripes in America racing Formula 2000 cars. He tries his hand at racing Formula Renault cars in the British Touring Car Championship while in England. Although, he comes from a wealthy family, Mike's first goal in London is to line up sponsors that will enable him to compete in future races. Mike is hoping to meet a girl while he spends a few months abroad.
    Trivia: Races cars professionally
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    Lars Schlichting: October 5, 1970 (Berlin, Germany)
    Biography '95: Although he grew up in Northern Germany, 24-year-old Lars has been living in Berlin and working for an event and marketing agency while attending the University of Berlin. Lars is currently studying communications and North American studies. The only smoker in the house, Lars hopes to work for a club, record label or public relations firm while staying in London. Lars spends his nights spinning tunes at techno clubs and enjoying the nightlife.
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    Jacinda Barrett: August 2, 1972 (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
    Biography '95: Jacinda, a Paris-based model, has been traveling all over Europe since she left home at age 17. Now 22, she plans to continue her modeling career while in London. She is represented by the Storm modeling agency (who also represents Elle MacPherson and Kate Moss) and has been prominently featured in many of Europe's top fashion magazines. She plans to pursue her pilot's license and a certification in parachuting. A native of Brisbane, Australia, Jacinda says she has "a million" career goals she'd like to accomplish.
    Now: since her crossover as reality television star who memorably appeared on MTV's Real World: London before being launched to stardom thanks in part to a People Magazine poll that named her one of the "Fifty Most Beautiful People in the World" two short years later, Jacinda Barrett earned her keep as a model before... venturing into the world of film in the 1997 teen screamer Campfire Tales. A native of Queensland, Australia, Barrett appeared in a trio of independent efforts in the years following her Real World appearance, later moving on to television roles in Hercules, Millennium, and Bull before returning to features with a role in the 2000 horror sequel Urban Legends: The Final Cut. While Barrett's early roles may not have necessarily appeared the ideal training ground for a future in high drama, subsequent performances in such serious-minded efforts as The Human Stain and Ladder 49 showed an actress whose beauty was apparently matched by her talent. A supporting role in the 2004 comedy Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason was followed by a turn as a French heiress in the 2005 thriller Ripley Under Ground, and soon after taking a tumble in the blockbuster 2006 remake Poseidon, Barrett would once again venture into familiar territory opposite Zach Braff in the romantic comedy drama remake The Last Kiss. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide.
    Spouse: Gabriel Macht (December 29, 2004 - present)
    Children: 1
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    Sharon Gitau: November 5, 1974 (Essex, England)
    Biography '95: Sharon, a 20-year-old singer/songwriter, performs with her jazz funk band when she is not listening to Hue & Cry, U2, Tori Amos, Leslie Garrett and Enya. Raised in a single parent home, Sharon is very close to her mother. Sharon is English but considers herself an experienced traveler--she found the U.S. particularly enjoyable. Sharon is an affable young woman who was looking for something new in her life before she went on the show.