Thursday, October 28, 1999

Road Rules 8: Semester At Sea

Road Rules: Semester at Sea was the eighth season of MTV's reality television series, Road Rules. This season, which first aired in 1999, featured six castmembers in the shipboard Semester at Sea study program, and followed the cast as they travelled aboard a cruise ship, both while taking school classes and embarking on the various adventures and scavenger hunts typical of Road Rules. This is considered to be the final season of the 'classic era' of Road Rules, as the format of the show would change significantly beginning with Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour.



Episode 1:The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special 1999

Colin from Real World Hawaii who was suppose to be a "reject" interviews and introduces the new cast for Real World Hawaii and Road Rules Semester at Sea.

Episode 2: Passport to Road Rules 8: Semester at Sea

Piggy from Road Rules Australia told MTV she wanted to host her own show someday. It looks like she got her lucky break. She had to travel to Hong Kong, where the Semester at Sea boat was docked. She had to find out the scoop on the new cast members and record her findings on 4 half-hour tapes. She searched the whole ship, but she could not find any cast members. She eventually snuck into their bedrooms and found bits and pieces out about each one. These clues were not enough. Then she found a clue to a mission involving Dragon Boats. She went to where the mission was being held and finally found the cast members. Just as she was about to expose them, the tape ran out and she had to go home to the states defeated. Back home, she devised a new way to tell America about the new cast: She knew who they were, so she drew pictures of the cast and told a short story about each person. The special concluded with about 30 seconds of footage from the new season.

Episode 3: 'All Aboard'

The missions begin. The Road Rulers receive their first clue from their homes via telephone. They are told to meet at Million Air airport in Nassau, Bahamas. Anticipation is high as the six wonder what's in store for them. The cast arrive at the airport and as is tradition someone has been sent to collect the Road Ruler's cash and credit cards. Larry from Halo Holdings is the man who has been appointed the task. After gathering their valuables he takes them right into their first mission. Larry explains that he must get the cast to a small island called Sandy Cay. The only problem is there is no runway, so the cast must skydive. Everyone screams, but Ayanna freaks. Ayanna drops to her knees, laughing and overwhelmed with emotion. The kids stride onto the runway and climb into the plane. The plane rises into the air. Its time. Pua starts to sing Amazing Grace as Ayanna prays. They make their way to the edge of the plane and one by one they take the plunge. Upon reaching the ground the cast hike along the shore until they discover their next clue. "Your mission is to build a raft and make your way to the lost village of paradise, Club Med." The six get down to business getting their boat built and setting up camp for the night on this deserted island. Early the next morning the cast sets sail for Paradise Island where their reward awaits them. The day has come, the Road Rulers head for a 21,000 ton ship known as the SS Universe Explorer. Once they arrive they find their next clue waiting in their cabin. "Playball!" The cast goes up against some of Cuba's best in a hardcore game of softball. Hardcore for the Cubans. The Road Rulers find themselves struggling to catch a ball as they gracefully lose the game, 18-1. Ouch! From the very start it becomes apparent that Ayanna and Veronica are having the most trouble getting along. Both are extremely strong-minded girls who come from two completely different backgrounds. Veronica isolates herself from the rest of the group and finds comfort basking in the attention she receives from the guys on the ship. Ayanna confesses to Pua early on that she doesn't want to get caught up in the drama, but she's been known to do it in the past. At one point we find Veronica standing alone, pensively staring at the Havana shoreline. In just a few hours Veronica will come face to face with family she has never known. Ayanna spots Veronica and motions her over to stand next to her. Ayanna begins to speak in broken Spanish. (Translated) "I hope that all the dreams of your grandfathers, parents, and your own dreams come true today." The Road Rulers pull up in front of a modest Cuban home belonging to Veronica's relatives. Veronica holds her breath as she is introduced to the family. In the embrace of her grandmother's arms Veronica's long imprisoned emotions break loose. While Veronica is lost in the moment the rest of the Road Rulers can see that her presence has enabled her family to close a painful chapter in their life and begin to heal the wounds that have been left open for more than twenty years

Episode 4: 'Running Off With the Circus'

Where's the bond? And we're not talking about James Bond. Shawn, Veronica, and Pua openly discuss how this group hasn't made an effort to get to know each other. The point is proven further when Ayanna avoids their conversation by fleeing the scene. The six Road Rulers have already begun to establish separate social circles. Oy!! This season the Road Rulers must face the biggest challenge of all; school. Yes is admittedly having trouble getting himself to class. The social atmosphere is a little too enticing and staying up till the sun rises every morning doesn't allow him enough time to sleep and god forbid get to class. We all know how it is; it's tough. Unfortunately for Yes, his roommates aren't that understanding of his party lifestyle, especially when he decides to bring the party back to the cabin. As Yes defines it, "Its the perfect party pad". When the next day rolls around Ayanna and Shawn have a few words for the Yes man. However, this time its no's all around. Ayanna lets Yes have it telling him how disrespectful he was by allowing people to lay all over her stuff and smoke in the room. Eventually Yes gives in and offers his apologies to Ayanna which she is unwilling to accept because she feels he doesn't mean it. We'll see how long it takes before the administration has a few words with him about his lack of attendance. The casts next stop is Brazil. Their mission: to get suited up in tights and perform in the Project Axe' circus. If they succeed Apple will donate 2 brand new computers to the needing program.. Project Axe' is an outreach program that tries to make a better life for the street kids of Brazil. Its too bad for the circus that Pua and Veronica are hung over when they arrive. It certainly doesn't look promising for these young children to get the computers that they so desperately need. Marcus, the head of the Axe' program speaks to Veronica and Pua to try and motivate them to get off their keester and participate in the mission. Pua realizes that her attitude will not help anyone which goes against everything she believes. Immediately her guilt drives her to kick into gear, but poor Veronica just isn't up for the challenge. Yes sums it up for us, "I think she's a wimp." Nevertheless, in show business, the show must go on, with or without Veronica; and it does. Meanwhile, Veronica cools her heels on the sidelines while watching her fellow Road Rulers enjoy the the spirit of the mission. In the end, the Road Rulers put on a kick ass show and the Project Axe' gets their computers. WHAT'S UP NOW?

Episode 5: 'Answering to the School Bell'

School is finally becoming a reality for the six. Westward ho! The Road Rulers discover one of the major set backs of maritime (on a ship) travel. Due to the crossing of time zones the magnificent six find themselves in the perpetual hell of daylight savings, where springing forward and losing an hour of sleep becomes a daily ritual. Sucks to be Ayanna and Pua when they both forget to reset their clocks the night before the first CORE exam, thus making them an hour late. (CORE is a mandatory cultural studies class that teaches students about the countries they'll be visiting.) Talk about surprises! Certainly not one that the two clueless rulers were ready to face. Oh well, life goes on and so do the exams. Yes, who has been to the class less times than the U.S. has landed on the moon, got the best score out of all six. Needless to say, this didn't make the rest of the group happy. Ayanna makes a call home to say hi and receives the unfortunate news that her mother has had a recurrence of cancer. She has to make a decision: go home or stay, "I don't how I can go home, but I don't know how I can stay either." Ayanna knows one thing for sure, she's doesn't want to tell anyone about this. It isn't until Pua opens her heart and reveals her darkest secret that Ayanna feels compelled to let down her walls. Pua drops the bomb and tells Ayanna that she was raped. She was inspired by Ayanna to come to grips with this and now realizes the rape was not her fault. Pua's words resonate in Ayanna's ears. She starts to cry on Pua's shoulder. She tells Pua about her mother's cancer and her feelings of helplessness while on board the ship. A camaraderie is instantly formed between the two girls

Episode 6: 'A Coming Home'

South Africa: here comes the motherland. Ayanna bears the weight of generations on her shoulders to represent her people. She feels that she isn't "African enough" and will be rejected by the people of Africa. Finally, she realizes she is indeed "home" in Africa. As Shawn nears South Africa, he changes from a playful, carefree man, unaware of his ancestral significance, to a very aware black man stepping into an Afrikaner home. Their mission is to learn about South African culture from 3 different perspectives: Black, Muslim, and Afrikaner. The Rulers split up into 3 groups of 2 and spend the night with these diverse families. After experiencing South African lifestyle firsthand, they return to the ship and present their information to their classmates. Yes questions, "How are we going to put these feelings into words?" Stayed tuned next week to find out what happens in this heartwarming two-part episode.

Episode 7: 'A Coming Home (2)'

Shawn is determined to assert himself as an individual rather than a black person. He begins to experience racism and gain further insight into what it means to be a black man in South Africa. By the end of his South African journey, Shawn has experienced first hand that he is indeed an African-American

Episode 8: 'Pawel's Kenyan Experience'

It's all about Pawel. Everyone in the cast wants to know what's going on with him. Shawn thinks it's time for Pawel to drop his facade and put the masks away. A distraught Pawel finds his overwhelming need to please everyone backfiring on him. The cast isn't interested in hearing his super fluff anymore; they want the real Pawel. Like a trooper, Pawel takes the criticism, questions himself, and lays it out on the table, "I never really claimed to know who I am, I feel like I'm finally getting a taste, an image of who Pawel, Pavo is."

Episode 9: 'Hot Voodoo'

The question is, does Ayanna practice Voodoo or not? That's what the rest of the Road Rulers want to find out after coming back to the room and finding powder sprinkled all over her bed along 3 neatly placed matches that supposedly represented Veronica, Pua, and their friend Annie. "Its your last chance," warns Ayanna to the 3 girls. Finally, the cast has it out in a group confrontation or shall we say Ayanna versus everyone else. (Talk about being the scapegoat) She's certainly up against some stiff competition. Find out what happens in this two-part episode next week.

Episode 10: 'Pulling Together'

Now kiss and make-up. Ayanna and Veronica may not see eye to eye when it comes down to business but at least they understand each other now. After the Rulers meet with their mediator, Prof. Dennis Waring the cast puts their feelings of pain and anger aside to accomplish their next mission, building a power plant to light up a Dalit Village. There is no power, no running water, and worst of all, no air conditioning. When it gets dark the only thing you can see is the stars in the sky. The travail of the cast working in the unsanitary conditions of India finally pays off when they are able to light up not only the village but the faces of all the men, women, and children in the community. A good deed for a good cause

Episode 11: 'Paint or Pay'

On the heels of the Dalit solar power mission, Pua believes that she will return to India as a member of the Peace Corps. The rulers show up for their next mission. Low and behold it's to teach elephants how to paint. They are coached by an expert in Elephant painting, world-renowned Russian artist Alex Melamid. Hours into the mission Pua witnesses animal abuse by a Mahout at which time her dreams and aspirations are called into question. In the end, Pua decides that she is an animal rights activist and will continue to help animals throughout her life

Episode 12: 'Just Say Yes'

Love is in the air as the Road Rulers drop anchor in the port of Malaysia. After receiving their clue, the kids journey to a lush wildlife preserve, where they spend an exhausting day feeding and caring for the center's numerous animals. Love is in the air as the Road Rulers drop anchor in the port of Malaysia. After receiving their clue, the kids journey to a lush wildlife preserve, where they spend an exhausting day feeding and caring for the center's numerous animals. The comical orangutans are particularly endearing, and warm-hearted Pua is especially smitten. Meanwhile, Yes soul-searches as he finds himself stuck in a sticky love triangle. Two S.A.S. girls are vying for his affection, and he must make a difficult choice. Afraid of being vulnerable, Yes continuously struggles to protect his guarded heart. His predicament becomes even more of a battle when one of the girls proves to be exceptionally intriguing. Eventually, Yes' emotions overwhelm him. He surrenders by making a decision and taking a risk on love

Episode 13: 'Good Morning Vietnam'

Lace up those tennies, because it's race time! After disembarking in Vietnam, the gang scurries to face a challenging three-part mission. During the first leg of the competition, the Roadies must carry baskets of fruit across a countryside course. Easy, you say? Think again. Transporting a twenty-pound load over a flimsy footbridge, across a murky river and through a bustling street is no simple task - especially when you're relying on antiquated bicycles, wobbly canoes and an equally-exhausted teammate to get you there. With some good-natured rivalry, the Road Rulers quickly pair up and speed off. Teamwork spells victory for Yes and Veronica, who are the first duo to cross the finish line. Round two calls for a unique shopping trip through an authentic open-air market. Putting their queasiness at bay, the troopers dutifully check the required chicken heads, pig tails and frog legs off their lists. But the fun's not over yet. The kids soon learn that they must not only fork over their groceries but fork them down as well. After a stomach-churning meal, Yes and Veronica are finally crowned the winners for successfully swallowing their uneasiness and their dinner. Unfortunately, Shawn leaves with both a mild bellyache and a major heartache. After hooking up with a compatible co-ed aboard the ship, he realizes that the romance is at a crossroads. Should he make a commitment to his new love or break it off? Declaring that long-distance relationships will most-assuredly fail, Shawn chooses his logic over his emotions and regretfully buries the budding relationship at sea.

Episode 14: 'Ho Chih Minh's Millions'

Put away those piggy banks, because the Road Rulers aren't pinching pennies anymore. Following their clue, the group heads to the Christina Noble Children's Center, an orphanage for sick and abandoned Vietnamese kids. Touring the overcrowded nursery and playground, the emotional Road Rulers immediately bond with the many children, sharing smiles and hugs. Noticeably pained, Paul is particularly shaken by a helpless young victim of Agent Orange. Shortly thereafter, the Roadies get their dream-come-true mission: They must use 12 million dong (roughly $864) in twelve hours to earn a comparable monetary gift for the Children's Center. With money in their pockets and charity on their minds, the newly-wealthy gang sets off for a serious shopping spree. But hold on there, big spender. This mission isn't child's play. There are a few restrictions that accompany that wad of cash. The anxious Road Rulers soon learn that they can't buy any items to take home and must only pay the going rate for their purchases. With the rules in place, the quibbling Roadies scavenger for the best way to quickly blow their bills. Unfortunately, Vietnam proves to be painfully cheap, and the Road Rulers can't seem to spend enough, despite splurging on a Mercedes taxi and an outrageous amount of food. Since they can't buy tangible items, the gang concludes that spa services might substantially lighten their pocketbooks. After deciding against a questionable neighborhood salon, the affluent bunch gets the works behind the gilded doors of Armani. Disgruntled Ayanna is visibly upset by their rejection of the smaller salon and deems the gang "ethnocentric." After initially refusing any of the spa's treatments, Ayanna later submits to a massage for the greater charitable cause. Newly coifed, the pampered Road Rulers polish off their dough with a bottle of expensive champagne and complete their mission. However, Paul's heartstrings are still tied to the tiny victim he encountered at the orphanage. Determined to make a difference, Paul resolves to sell prints of his precious photos to benefit the Vietnamese kids. Orders from SAS students pour in, and Paul's personal mission is a snapshot of success, raising $2000 (nearly 30 million dong) for the center.

Episode 15: 'Growing and Rowing'

Put aside your tanning oil and pick up a trusty number two pencil instead, because this floating university means business. After weeks of carelessly wading through their classes, Yes, Ayanna and Veronica suddenly find themselves adrift without a lifesaver. Unexpectedly confronted by a panel of questioning professors, the threesome must quickly account for their slacking studies. Yes and Veronica cover their tracks with promises of improvement, but Ayanna's excuse is much more revealing. She is stalwartly boycotting her African History course because she believes her teacher made an offensive remark. Taking headstrong Ayanna aside, a dean encourages her to view the dilemma in a different light. Shedding a few tears, she acknowledges his advice and decides to re-think the situation. As for Yes, his leash may be looser, but he's not out of the doghouse quite yet. During a random room search, he gets caught red-handed with an illegal stash of liquor. Realizing he's beyond busted, Yes begrudgingly accepts his dock time punishment and attends a mandatory alcohol awareness meeting while the other Road Rulers tromp off for the first day of their mission. Located on a beautiful Hong Kong lake, the kids discover that they will be participating in a traditional Dragonboat competition. While their mayors detail the historical significance of the customary race, our eager travelers try their hands at the ancient art of ceremonial drumming. Excited about the forthcoming face-off, the Roadies swiftly split in half and reassemble at the ship to recruit fellow students as teammates. The following morning, good-natured rivalry takes center stage, and Paul is especially pumped for the challenge at hand. The now-complete cast and their respective crews engage in a pre-race ritual contest before taking their places on the colorful Dragonboats. As the echoing drums pound, the teams duel it out on the glassy lake, energetically paddling toward the finish line. Yes, Ayanna and Shawn's team slices to victory, and a friendly water fight caps off the day. Defeated but still enthusiastic, Paul is honored with the prize-winning title of MVP, as the mingling teams applaud their approval.

Episode 16: 'Shaghai Surprise'

The penned-up Road Rulers come down with a serious case of sexual frustration when cabin fever hits a boiling point this week. Plagued by their lackluster shipboard love lives, the restless kids finally unleash their yearnings, exchanging suggestive banter and playful embraces. Harmless fun, you say? Indeed it is, except for emotionally-stalted Yes, who is apprehensive about taking his frequent flirtation with Alissa to the next level. But sexual tension isn't the only pressure point for our intrepid travelers. A political crisis is raging in Kosovo, and reports from home inform the students of NATO's accidental bombing of the Chinese Embassy. The news is serious, but being at sea has created a false sense of security with the gang. As the boat slices its way towards China, the apathetic Roadies' biggest worry is getting Coppertone-worthy tans. However, the group becomes much more unsettled once the S.S. Universe Explorer actually docks in Shanghai. A distinctly anti-American atmosphere is not the welcome that the Road Rulers are used to. Luckily, Koko, their mayor, is refreshingly excited by their arrival. With a friendly smile, Koko loads the kids into a waiting van and whisks them off for their next adventure. Ushered into a beautiful opera house, Koko and his talented counterpart, Madame Lui, explain the goal of the mission: The group must learn and present the intricate Chinese opera, "The Jade Bracelet" with only 24 hours of instruction. Frog got your throat? Don't worry, Chinese opera lends itself to the musically-challenged - but that doesn't mean it's easy. While the kids don't have to be songbirds, they do have to master a number of choreographed dance steps and facial expressions to accurately convey the story. Of course, the Roadies aren't going to let the mounting demands of the mission interfere with their fun. Suddenly inspired by a streak of naughtiness, the kids "borrow" a video camera from the crew and put on an impromptu show of their own. Veronica and Shawn get especially brash, hilariously flashing and mooning the lens. Once they get their giggles under control, the Rulers get back to business. Yes and Pua take turns preparing traditional costumes and elaborate makeup, and the rest of our budding showstoppers get lessons in the complex ancient art form. The effort pays off, and our Roadies' successful performance is met with rousing applause from their appreciative audience. Unfortunately, the happiness is short-lived. A massive protest has spilled onto the streets surrounding the opera house, and the anxious Roadies are feeling understandably uneasy. Noticeably concerned, Yes can't help wondering about Alissa's well-being as she roams the city with other SAS students. With the intensity of the political situation heating up, Koko advises the Rulers to return to the safety of the ship. They willingly do so, and Yes finds himself especially eager to see his girl. Reunited and relieved, formerly relationship-wary Yes drops a bomb of his own and finally confesses his inescapable love for Alissa.

Episode 17: 'The Perils of Pua'

Tokyo - a center of trade, technology, tourism and.'toons? Apparently so. As the Universe Explorer nuzzles into port, the Road Rulers are nestled inside their cabin, clue in hand. With enthusiastic cheers and hollers, the kids celebrate as they learn that they will be taking part in an authentic Japanese animated feature. Anticipating their forthcoming mission, the smiling travelers hustle to meet their mayors, Yugi and Jonathan, who will be directing the cartoon. Ushered inside a bustling office, the Roadies are given an overview of the tedious animation process. But we're not talking a few machine-replicated Crayola sketches here. This intensive procedure involves thousands of cells, painstakingly colored and reproduced by hand. Yes, an artist himself, is particularly awed by the strenuous effort it takes to produce an entire "Animae." Time is money, and the mayors remind them of that as they instruct the Rulers to write their own script to accompany a currently plot-less Animae. Eager and excited, the gang repeatedly watches the silent feature, trying to hammer out a storyline. However, the democratic brainstorming session quickly dissolves into a near dictatorship, as Ayanna begins to make all the decisions for the group. Pua seems especially bothered by Ayanna's take-charge approach, and remains strangely quiet as the others continue to throw ideas around. With their script finally finished, the Roadies shuffle into a recording studio to dub their respective characters' voices. But reading lines isn't as easy as one would think. Take after humorous take, the Rulers screw up as they attempt to make their dialogue match the characters' movements. It's frustrating, but everybody soon falls into the routine that is, except Pua, who is having a great deal of trouble mastering her role. Eventually, the directors wrap the production and invite the kids to the world premiere of their cartoon at a local club. Primped and polished, the expectant Rulers taxi toward the culmination of their hard day's work. Sandwiched between Shawn and Veronica in the cab, a disheartened Pua reveals her disappointment with Ayanna's earlier tyrannical control of the cartoon. Veronica is empathetic, but regards the comment as a further example of Pua's rampant insecurity. Stepping into the crowded social scene, the wide-eyed Roadies laugh and applaud as their animated alter-egos come to life on a jumbo screen. Pua, however, is embarrassed to discover that her voice has been substantially altered and no longer resembles her own. Their job completed, the bunch thanks their mayors for a most memorable mission and steps back into the city streets. But don't re-board that ship just yet. Japan has another surprise in store for our fearless explorers. This chilly challenge takes the kids to an indoor Skidome to face off against a Japanese team in a series of races for a ski package prize. Olympic gold-medalist, Eric Bergquist, coaches the gang before the initial slalom event. A first-time skier, Pua is visibly frightened by the steep slope ahead of her. Fighting her shaking knees, she pushes off and erratically wobbles down the grade. Unfortunately, her gumption can't outweigh her lack of experience, and she ends up with a face full of snow. With the Japanese team in the lead, the kids get set for the freestyle race. Mounting sleds, snowboards and skis, the gang heads for the finish line, but not before Ayanna starts hilariously tumbling out-of-control. The final tandem race is the deciding event for our adventurers. Two of the Road Rules' teams successfully close the gap with their Japanese competition, and it is up to Pua and Ayanna to push them over the top. Swallowing her fear, an extremely-nervous Pua grabs a trusting hold of Ayanna and they complete an unbelievable run down the man-made mountain - winning the race for Team Road Rules! As her castmates cheer her on, Pua clasps her hard-earned gold medal and smiles with newfound confidence.

Episode 18: 'Accusations'

So maybe they'll pass on the matching "friends forever" necklaces, but the constantly quibbling duo of Veronica and Ayanna are taking baby steps in the right direction. As the ship begins her voyage homeward this week, the girls finally call a truce and pledge to make a fresh start. This clean slate delights the rest of the gang, who long ago tired of the daily dose of squabbles and negativity. And the timing couldn't be better! As the Rulers discover in their clue, teamwork will decide the success or failure of their next mission. Weeks without a paycheck have left the cash-strapped Roadies making collect calls to Daddy Warbucks. But this challenge could significantly deepen those threadbare pockets. If the kids can efficiently work together, they can make a substantial amount of money running their own shipboard beauty parlor. Lured by promises of free haircuts, manicures and dye jobs, a large crowd of equally-broke students begin to clutter the hallways. The day is long, but there is a well-oiled mechanism of cooperation in this makeshift salon, and our novice stylists snip, primp and color their way to the bank. With the final client's shaved head sporting a stenciled Road Rules logo, courtesy of Yes' artistic prowess, the mayor pays the exuberant Roadsters for their skillful services. With smiles as wide as their billfolds, the joyful bunch return to the cabin. Unfortunately, the tranquil seas once again encounter some choppy swells. Stomping through various rooms, a fuming Ayanna plucks Veronica from a cabin and leads her into a packed hallway. Holding up Veronica's term paper, Ayanna angrily accuses Veronica of plagiarizing her words. Wide-eyed Veronica vehemently denies the allegation, embarrassed by the scene this confrontation has caused. With a disbelieving stare, Ayanna orders Veronica to immediately bring the paper to the dean for his opinion. Veronica flatly refuses, and a raging Ayanna snatches the evidence and slides it under the dean's door. Back in the Road Rules' cabin, the air is heavy with unspoken tension. So much so, that Ayanna desperately calls upon a friend to calm her down. Ronna, a sensible shipboard pal, encourages Ayanna to settle herself and let the dean be the judge. Taking her words to heart, Ayanna takes a deep breath and agrees to wait for an arbitration. The following morning, Ayanna and Veronica meet with Les McCabe, the dean who will determine the verdict. He agrees that the two papers are strikingly similar, but decides that the girls should finish them on their own and turn them in. Upset but courteous, a gracious Ayanna accepts his ruling and resolves to tolerate Veronica through the final trek of the trip. But we're not in calm waters just yet. Pua is also facing a serious predicament with Veronica. After realizing that her favorite shirt was lost, Pua discovers it hidden in Veronica's closet. This gross betrayal inflicts a sharp blow to Pua's sense of trust in her cast mate. Confused about how she should handle the situation, Pua eventually decides to wear the shirt in a public arena where Veronica will see it. Entering into the cramped pub, a flabbergasted Veronica spies Pua sporting the presumed-lost halter top. Before their eyes can meet, Veronica nervously rushes out of the room, hoping that Pua has not yet spotted her. But her actions prove futile as a despondant Pua later requests a word with her fair-weather friend. Will Pua actually speak her mind? Can Veronica talk her way out of this mess? How do the Roadies carry on from here? All will be revealed on the next Road Rules

Episode 19: '10 Days'

When we last left the Roadies, a hesitant Pua had asked for a word with her extremely-uncomfortable cast mate, Veronica. With a deeply-drawn breath, Pua reveals that she discovered her missing halter top hidden amongst Veronica's belongings. Holding back her tears, Pua admits that she feels terrible about looking through Veronica's property, but she had an unsettling hunch that her roomie was lying. Veronica, her mouth agape with disbelief, repeatedly denies the allegation, slyly pointing the accusatory finger back at Pua for being a snoop. Her downcast eyes begging for truth, Pua makes one final plea for Veronica to be honest, but her grimacing cast mate won't budge. But Veronica isn't the only Roadie facing an inquisition. Falling prey to another surprise administrative attack, Yes must take the stand against two of the ship's deans. Concerned that he may be slacking in his homework, they firmly encourage him to get out of the social scene and into the books. Before leaving, Yes graciously agrees to their request and promises to apply himself in his classes. However, his post-meeting thoughts are much more candid. With a smirk of confidence, Yes maintains that the meeting was unwarranted, and that he's perfectly comfortable in his current study habits. Blowing off the conference, he decides to continue running things his own way. That night, the sleeping Road Rules' cabin is shy two cast members. As darkness veils the slumbering ship, Pua recounts how Veronica led her to an upstairs restroom that evening and confessed to stealing her shirt. But this admittance came with a catch: Veronica wanted Pua to take part in an elaborate story to cover up the incident. As morning breaks, Pua finds herself caught in a tug-of-war between her angered conscience and her forgiving heart. The dilemma wears on Pua, but she finally comes to a decision. With a quivering voice, Pua genuinely apologizes for rejecting Veronica's make-believe scenario. Maintaining that the lies will only snowball, Pua gently points out that Veronica may have an addiction. Veronica tearfully agrees with her roomie's diagnosis, and admits that she does have a serious problem. Sighing heavily, Veronica confesses that her father showed his love through material objects and she associates possessions with affection. Acknowledging that she brought this predicament on herself, Veronica says she'll accept whatever repercussions will follow. The two girls hug, trying to somehow recapture their lost friendship. Fortunately, the girls don't have a lot of time to dawdle on the drama de jour. Finals are just around the corner, and the entire shipboard community is burning the midnight oil to prepare. After the notecards are memorized, the Scantrons are completed and the scores are cumulated, we learn that all of our collegiate six-pack passed their university courses. Yes is especially proud of his four aced papers, and temporarily mulls the idea of showing them off to the previously-disgruntled deans. Exhausted but satisfied, the Roadies work on polishing up their theme song, which is the last mission standing in the way of the infamous handsome reward. Assigned at the beginning of the semester, this challenge requires the gang to make up a musical number that will be representative of their voyage. Throughout the trip, the kids have been attempting to blend their harmonies and master cultural instruments. Rehearsals have been both fun and tense, and slowly but surely, the song has come together. At last, it's show time. Pua is extremely apprehensive, but on the whole, the Roadies are handling their nerves pretty well. That is, until they meet the competition, who each offer expertly-written songs and dances. Shawn and Pawel are especially shocked to see another group do the Brazilian dance they were secretly planning on performing. Taking their places in front of their mics, the Rulers begin their song for the 600 shipboard students. As the song's lyrics revisit countries, we are reminded of some most memorable and powerful moments from the Roadies' voyage. With a huge sigh of relief, the gang sings the last bar, and expectantly waits for the announcement of the winners. Think you already know who won? Guess again. No, the Road Rulers didn't receive a shiny blue ribbon, but they did get the satisfaction of successfully completing their last mission. And with that, it was time for their payoff. Entering their cabin, the kids are amazed to see their handsome reward spread before them: an IMac computer package and every accessory any technological guru could dream of. With a hearty cheer, the gang applauds their job well done. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and this journey is no exception. As the ship pulls into Seattle, the misty-eyed Road Rulers reluctantly say their good-byes to each other and eagerly rush to meet their family and friends. Spotting her mom, a squealing Ayanna falls into a tight embrace and prayer. There are open arms waiting for Veronica, as well, and she runs to meet her boyfriend, Jason. Pua, Paul and Shawn are equally excited to be back with their friends and loved ones. Holding Alissa's hand, Yes finally meets her folks, who are happy to hear that the couple have planned a tour of Seattle together before reluctantly parting ways. But don't ride into the sunset just yet! Aren't you wondering what happened after the suitcases were unpacked? Three months later, the Road Rulers are reunited to discuss their thoughts on the trip. Choking back tears, Paul admits that he was often angrier than he let on during the trip, but he still considers the gang to be friends. Further stories are shared and giggles become contagious, but the most revealing moment occurs when Ayanna and Veronica decide to bury the hatchet for good. As the discussion finally wanes, the kids share a collective smile, well-aware that they are more than Road Rulers. They are family.

Memorable Moments:
  • The infamous tension between Veronica and Ayanna began when landing in Cuba, Ayanna had told Veronica that she too knew some Spanish. Ayanna claims that Veronica responded with such a disbelief and negative attitude, that it caused them to start off on the wrong foot.
  • Containers of alcohol were found in Yes' quarters, in violation of the Semester at Sea rule against it, for which he was disciplined.
  • Pawel, an aspiring photographer, was crestfallen when he did not win a mission involving photography.
  • Pua, after a garment of hers turned up missing, found the garment among Veronica's belongings, apparently haven been stolen by the latter. Pua decided to wear the garment to a public gathering on the ship, where she hoped that Veronica, seeing her wearing it, would be shamed by her act. Veronica was later forced to admit stealing the garment after she pulled Pua into the bathroom late at night and had confessed that she had stolen it. Veronica had asked Pua to cover it up for the cameras to avoid embarrassment, but Pua confessed the next day.
  • In the seventh episode, Ayanna and Pua made out with each other until Pawel came into the room and a screaming match broke out. Pua was hit with a camera and had a black eye for a few weeks after.
  • Pua became upset on a mission in which the cast had to entice elephants to paint on canvases using paintbrushes held by their tusks, when one of the elephant handlers used violent discipline on her elephant to motivate it to paint. Pua rebuked the handlers for doing this, and later insisted that the abuse she herself had suffered in her past was not a motivating factor in her taking offense at the act.
  • Ayanna came into conflict at times with other cast members, for example, during an argument in which Pua accused Ayanna of placing talcum powder and matchsticks on her bed in a voodoo ritual intended to inflict bad fortune on Pua and Veronica after the two became close friends. In another incident, she accused Veronica of plagiarizing her paper. In comparing the two papers, Ayanna read off each and the two ended up so similarly that Veronica looked as if she did indeed plagiarize.
  • While Veronica asked to read both papers, Ayanna refused and took off running to slide the papers under the dean's door. Veronica ran after her, but couldn't catch up. Although Veronica was never formally accused or admitted to stealing the paper, they both had to re-write them.
  • Ayanna was forced to deal with the separation from her mother, who was suffering from breast cancer. Ayanna was reunited with her mother during the show, though her mother later died from the disease, as Ayanna mentioned on The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Extreme Challenge.