Thursday, October 8, 2009

RW/RR Challenge: The Inferno II

The Inferno II is the tenth season of Real World/Road Rules Challenge and the sequel to The Inferno. The show aired in 2005,and took place in Manzanillo, Mexico. This challenge was the same as The Inferno, except this time each team was allowed to choose only one "Inferno nominee" from the opposite team. This nominee had to win the "life shield" to save him or herself. The contestants in this challenge were grouped into two teams of "Good Guys" and "Bad Asses", representing the "heroes" and "villains" of their respective seasons

The Bad Ass Team:
PhotobucketBeth StolarczykCTRachel RobinsonDanTina bartaDerrick KosinskiTonya CooleyKaramo BrownVeronica Portillo
Top Left: Abe Boise (RR12: South Pacific), Beth Stolarczyk (RW2:Los Angeles), CT Tamburello (RW13: Paris), Rachel Robinson (RR11:Campus Crawl), Dan Renzi (RW5: Miami). Tina Barta (RR12: South Pacific), Derrick Kosinski (RR13: X-Treme), Tonya Cooley (RW11: Chicago), Karamo Brown (RW15:Philadelphia), Veronica Portillo (RR8: Semester at Sea)

The Good Guys Team:

Top to left: Brad Fiorenza (RW14: San Diego), Jamie Chung (RW14: San Diego), Darrell Taylor (RR11: Campus Crawl), Jodi Weatherton (RR13: X-Treme), Jon Brennan (RW2:Los Angeles), Julie Stoffer (RW9: New Orleans), Landon Lueck (RW15:Philadelphia), Robin Hibbard (RW14: San Diego), Mike Mizanin (RW10: Back to New York), Shavonda Billingslea (RW15: Philadelphia)

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