Wednesday, October 21, 2009

RW/RR Challenge: The Ruins Episode 4: Ticking Time Bomb

The people have voted, will Tonya (RW11) be dislodged from the Villa for slapping Veronica (RR8). Veronica & Tonya have had a history in the past, but this time around it seems Tonya has finally has taken all that she can take and has blown up and taken out revenge on Veronica. Well the polls are in and everyone has conferred and voted. And you've all voted she will be sent home!

Tonya Cooley RuinsVeronica Portillo Ruins

Update: Tonya was eventually sent home after slapping Veronica across the face, this is what Veronica had to say about the altercation.

Veronica: "I was wanting Tonya to hit me, I was provoking her to assault me so that she would go home. Tonya was definitely incapable of being on this challenge, because of the things she was doing. She definitley needs help. I hope slapping me was part of session one in her therapy class."

Full Veronica & Tonya Argument

Episode Summary:
When Katie encounters a dirty plunger in her bed, she goes ballistic in her hunt for the prankster. A longstanding feud between Champions Tonya and Veronica meets a shocking end. One team's hopes for a win go down in flames at the "Burning Bridges" challenge, when a careless player blows it for their entire team.

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